Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Free Spirit - Be Yourself (Demo - EP)

Extremely short demo EP, 5 tracks round up to 2:14 in total.

Free Spirit are a fast American Youth Crew band. This is the 2008 Demo.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Anti-Wasteoids - Mindset (Full-Length)

Firstly this is by the band Mindset, when they used to be called The Anti-Wasteoids. After releasing this full-length (LP) -in [2007]- they then changed their Name to Mindset, so this is in the correct band/album name order (regardless of the album cover). I know, it's weird.

It's very good and pretty similar in sound to the early Mindset stuff, namely the Real Power (7").

yeah, same band, earlier material. You get it, 12 tracks of youth crew revival hardcore.

Also, the song "Straight Forward" is my favourite, purely for the bit where Ev' says "Alright Philly, show them how its done, boiii!" followed by that catchy guitar line in that sorta punch the sky moshpit structure.

Good band then. Great band now.


Lives At Risk - Demo (3-Tracks CD)

Lives At Risk are a band from Finland. Female singer and female guitarist. Shows that the old saying stands; it's not just boy's fun!

I feel it's good to post this up as more people should hear it. The singer was 17 years old when this short demo' was recorded. Her vocals rip a lot of guy's vocal tones and she wears Side By Side t-shirts at the age of 18... also vegan straight edge. I have no idea about the rest of the band. I love it though. Unfortunately they haven't played or recorded much in a fair few months.

lyrically the band spits it's rage at society and the way we're dragged down by the forced ways we must live and what is seen as right. The message the band portrays is how they are the rising youth and won't be held down. They will live life their own way. It's pretty awesome.

here are the lyrics to the song "rotten society", to give you a glimpse:
the fake fucking world you live in. won't define the needs we trust in. feeling and acting all the same. our lives just a contest and everything you do should be rated? capitalism doesn't exist without your waste.  the fist turns a rock i won't fuckin' quit. all the noisy cans i won't fuckin' quit. and the dark night i won't fuckin' quit. chaseing us, cageing us we won't fuckin' quit. i take a stand for our lives. this won't weight my conscience. talk many lies and innocent lives get lost when your shit turns cold. rise up reclaim the streets rise up reclaim the walls. maybe battle i can't win maybe fight that takes my time. just sick to this factory what can't be called humanity.

Finally, here is the download link. Check them out. Young kids voicing their opinions. Support it.


Together - The Elephant (EP)

Together are a female fronted band from Torres Vedras, Portugal. The whole of the band members are vegan straight-edge. The lyrics here are situated around the message of community, being drug free, animal rights and liberation, earth liberation, self-progression and friendship. 

on the cd i have there are 8 tracks, here there are just 6. Apologies for that.  

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Champion - Promises Kept

Another great band from Aram of The First Step and Betrayed, he also runs React! Records (this time playing the guitar). Great guy, great beliefs, great dedication, amazing message. If you don't know this album, yet are into this genre and style of music it is a must have.


Far From Breaking - Made My Choice (7'')

I picked this record up from Tempest Records in birmingham for about £2.50 a few years back now. I had never heard them but the front cover image seemed to be of the general youth crew sort of style. I picked it up... and then downloaded it anyway, it's great. Passionate, energetic hardcore music. You know the score. Youth Crew hardcore, a go go!

The Effort - Iconoclasm

I love this band, I was a late comer to hearing them though. It was Fluff Fest 2009, in the Czech Republic. They came on stage, angry as youth can be. They set up their instruments whilst the vocalist told the crowd, waiting in anticipation, of his life problems and his viewpoints on society and how we're all being dragged down, why he's straight edge, how to overcome being in constant debt. I could, as could everyone else, just tell this guy meant every word he was saying, whole-heartedly. Then the band struck their first chord, this beautiful melodic, passionate hardcore just came at me, full frontal like a freight train. Great band.  I've loved them since then, just a mere year and a month later and I know mostly every word. This is their first full length, -Iconoclasm- is raw passion and original style of playing through and through, from the first track (a load of samples of other people speaking about world problems) to the last track. By the time you've finished reading this the album is probably downloaded to your computer, if you have fast connection. Make your own mind up.

Unit Pride - Then & Now (LP)

Sick Of It All - Built To Last

I could not resist. I love everything about this album, this band. They've been around forever and they're musically as tight as it gets, for this genre. An insanely, amazingly good band, still going and still very influential. If you don't know them, you should. This is as great as any other album and yes, yes Rise Against did cover the title track "Built to last", and yes, yes somehow they did make it sound pretty much identical. Either way, get your lugholes round this. It'll make you go "Woohoo".

Betrayed - Suffering (EP)

This EP is great, simply put. Dedicated band. Dedicated to sounding like '80s youth crew bands and keeping the tradition in flow. The vocalist of Betrayed is Aram, he runs React! Records and has played in such bands as The First Step and Champion before. All are great.

The title track of this EP is very experimental for their sound, I'd go as far as to say the vocals resemble a more shouty Jawbreaker, or some bands from 1234-Go! Records (namely a band called Whiskey Sunday, in the song "Radiation Kid") either way, it's experimental but they pull it off amazingly...

There's a thread on the React! Records message board where the posters just type about how amazing that one song is, to give you a clue. Either way, listen for yourself.

Trial - Foundation (EP)

Trial was a majorly influencial band to a lot of people throughout the world. Greg wrote heart-felt lyrics for this band, most noteably in the release "Are These Our Lives?". I've posted this EP to keep in the vein of the youth crew sound of this blog, which is my aim by the way. Trial are known for their half music, half spoken word message format on stage. Unfortunately we will not see them live again, RIP Brian. I was fortunate enough to catch their set at Fluff Fest 2009, shortly before long time bassist of Trial passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident. Great band, great message.

Sidenote: Greg Bennick, the vocalist, is involved with an amazing campaign that he set up. It's to help those in Haiti who are STILL suffering due to the earthquake that the world seems to have forgotten about since the media packed up and moved on a month or so after the event. so yeah, check that out: http://onehundredforhaiti.org/

Youth Of Today - Disengage (7'')

This is the band who single handedly pioneerd the sound of youth crew as a whole. much like Ian MacKaye was responsible for coining the term "straight-edge", YOT were responsible for coining the term "Youth Crew". It was the title of one of their songs. So you have them to thank, great band, great message: Vegetarianism also makes an entrance ;-). Great dedicated band members also were involved with: Project X, Judge, Bold, Shelter, Better Than A Thousand, Ray & Porcell... and most probably others that skip my mind right now. No-one seems to know the official name of this 7" but everyone seems to call it the "Disengage (7'')" so we'll stick with it!


Critical Point - Demo (EP)

Critical Point are an awesome vegetarian straight-edge youth crew hardcore band from Faro, Portugal. They share members of Pressure and Rafael played drums with Broken Distance (also posted here), on one tour. The song "foundation" is a massive rip off of "straight-edge revenge" by Project X but shhh, don't tell anyone.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Mindset - Real Power (7")

Mindset is one of the most influential of the bands playing youth crew revival hardcore, today. This 7" rip is a recording that is definitely worth your while. End.


Broken Distance - Hourglass (EP)

To me, Broken Distance -from Faro, Portugal- have the perfect melodic hardcore sound. To me, they capture what I think the majority of bands of this genre are trying to encapsulate these days. They have it all; vocals that rule hard, good, tight musicianship, passionate lyrics, good recording quality. It's a shame they never released more.

Signs Of Hope - Choices Made (EP)

Release Year: [2008]

Sportswear - Building. Dwelling. Thinking

Release Year: [2000]