Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Anti-Wasteoids - Mindset (Full-Length)

Firstly this is by the band Mindset, when they used to be called The Anti-Wasteoids. After releasing this full-length (LP) -in [2007]- they then changed their Name to Mindset, so this is in the correct band/album name order (regardless of the album cover). I know, it's weird.

It's very good and pretty similar in sound to the early Mindset stuff, namely the Real Power (7").

yeah, same band, earlier material. You get it, 12 tracks of youth crew revival hardcore.

Also, the song "Straight Forward" is my favourite, purely for the bit where Ev' says "Alright Philly, show them how its done, boiii!" followed by that catchy guitar line in that sorta punch the sky moshpit structure.

Good band then. Great band now.

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