Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Trial - Foundation (EP)

Trial was a majorly influencial band to a lot of people throughout the world. Greg wrote heart-felt lyrics for this band, most noteably in the release "Are These Our Lives?". I've posted this EP to keep in the vein of the youth crew sound of this blog, which is my aim by the way. Trial are known for their half music, half spoken word message format on stage. Unfortunately we will not see them live again, RIP Brian. I was fortunate enough to catch their set at Fluff Fest 2009, shortly before long time bassist of Trial passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident. Great band, great message.

Sidenote: Greg Bennick, the vocalist, is involved with an amazing campaign that he set up. It's to help those in Haiti who are STILL suffering due to the earthquake that the world seems to have forgotten about since the media packed up and moved on a month or so after the event. so yeah, check that out: http://onehundredforhaiti.org/

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