Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Effort - Iconoclasm

I love this band, I was a late comer to hearing them though. It was Fluff Fest 2009, in the Czech Republic. They came on stage, angry as youth can be. They set up their instruments whilst the vocalist told the crowd, waiting in anticipation, of his life problems and his viewpoints on society and how we're all being dragged down, why he's straight edge, how to overcome being in constant debt. I could, as could everyone else, just tell this guy meant every word he was saying, whole-heartedly. Then the band struck their first chord, this beautiful melodic, passionate hardcore just came at me, full frontal like a freight train. Great band.  I've loved them since then, just a mere year and a month later and I know mostly every word. This is their first full length, -Iconoclasm- is raw passion and original style of playing through and through, from the first track (a load of samples of other people speaking about world problems) to the last track. By the time you've finished reading this the album is probably downloaded to your computer, if you have fast connection. Make your own mind up.

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