Thursday, 26 August 2010

Lives At Risk - Demo (3-Tracks CD)

Lives At Risk are a band from Finland. Female singer and female guitarist. Shows that the old saying stands; it's not just boy's fun!

I feel it's good to post this up as more people should hear it. The singer was 17 years old when this short demo' was recorded. Her vocals rip a lot of guy's vocal tones and she wears Side By Side t-shirts at the age of 18... also vegan straight edge. I have no idea about the rest of the band. I love it though. Unfortunately they haven't played or recorded much in a fair few months.

lyrically the band spits it's rage at society and the way we're dragged down by the forced ways we must live and what is seen as right. The message the band portrays is how they are the rising youth and won't be held down. They will live life their own way. It's pretty awesome.

here are the lyrics to the song "rotten society", to give you a glimpse:
the fake fucking world you live in. won't define the needs we trust in. feeling and acting all the same. our lives just a contest and everything you do should be rated? capitalism doesn't exist without your waste.  the fist turns a rock i won't fuckin' quit. all the noisy cans i won't fuckin' quit. and the dark night i won't fuckin' quit. chaseing us, cageing us we won't fuckin' quit. i take a stand for our lives. this won't weight my conscience. talk many lies and innocent lives get lost when your shit turns cold. rise up reclaim the streets rise up reclaim the walls. maybe battle i can't win maybe fight that takes my time. just sick to this factory what can't be called humanity.

Finally, here is the download link. Check them out. Young kids voicing their opinions. Support it.

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